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The Kiss by Lucy Wade

Lovingly dedicated to Frodo and Sam,
who will live forever in our hearts.

True Love

by Keye

part one,  Awakening
part two,  Sparking
part three,  Touching
part four,  Loving

The stories below were written to follow True Love and take place after the passing of several years.

Good Advice
Rating: R
Pairings: Frodo/Sam, Pippin/Merry implied
Notes: Pre-quest. Shire year 1414.
Summary: Pip has a problem.

Night Watch
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam/Frodo implied, other Fellowship members
Summary: Sam resolves in Moria to be extra vigilant.

Thank you, Professor Tolkien, for the great pleasure your works have brought me.

Heartfelt thanks to Lucy Wade, for gracing this page with her beautiful drawing, The Kiss, and to Athena for the lovely Quill and Candle banner on my index page.

Much thanks to Diana and Annwyn, and to Adrienne, for invaluable advice, past and present.

And a very special thank you to Cara, for everything.

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